AlgoFund Roadmap : Launchpad, Staking And More

On January 1st 2022, AlgoFund went live being the first IDO launchpad designed and developed for the Algorand ecosystem. The coming months present a challenge and an opportunity to make AlgoFund a leading launchpad. To that end, the team is happy to release its roadmap for 2022. Here is how we are going to make this year a successful one.

Q1 2022 :

  • Staking: We will provide a staking service for holders of $ALGF, allowing you to earn rewards while participating in IDOs. The staking will be flexible and easy to use, allowing you to redeem your staked assets at any time in a user-friendly and straightforward manner.
  • Farming LP Tokens: This feature will award users, providing liquidity on tinyman and other future DEXs. Farming your LP tokens will make you earn passive rewards in the form of $ALGF tokens. Rewards in this service are distributed regarding your share of the pool.

Q2 2022 :

  • Testnet IDO: On the Q2 of 2022, we will run an IDO test to prepare for hosting upcoming projects and collect feedback on the user experience. Everyone is welcomed to get a taste of the IDO process!
  • Stakeholder Voting: This feature will allow you to take part in the governance process. Users will be able to vote on changes and decisions of the AlgoFund’s platform.

Q3 2022 :

  • Vesting: A very crucial step of every dApp is the ability to vest their funds. The team will release this service for hosted projects.
  • KYC Integration: Automate KYC validation for faster and more cost-effective customer acquisition.

Q4 2022 :

  • Liquidity Locker: Locking liquidity is becoming a standard in the DeFi industry, and we are proud to bring this service for the upcoming projects. This functionality will allow projects to securely lock LP tokens for any customized duration using our audited smart-contracts. Liquidity is locked by renouncing the ownership of liquidity pool (LP) tokens for a fixed time period, by sending them to a time-locked smart contract. This gives users more confidence in the markets they are involved in.
  • Mobile App Release: As a last milestone for 2022, we will be working on releasing a mobile version of our platform. The mobile application will keep all the services of the platform while being easy to use, fast and secure.

Final Word :

We are grateful for your interest and support. We will be releasing more details on our roadmap milestones in the coming weeks. If you haven’t already, join our Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channel to become part of our community.



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