Introducing AlgoFund:

The First Innovative, Community Driven Launchpad For Algorand

AlgoFund is the first decentralized accelerator platform, connecting early stage Algorand innovators and projects with our community of backers. AlgoFund provides Algorand developers the advantage of early support and funds.

What Does AlgoFund Provide The Community?

Via our platform, members of our community are provided secure access to sales of Algorand disruptive projects. Through a tiered system, holders of the $ALGF token gain guaranteed allocation to seed rounds, presales, and public sales of projects launching through our platform.

Stay Tuned For More Exciting News

We appreciate everyone’s patience. There is a lot of interest around the project so we are working hard to build a great team of partners who will help AlgoFund make crowdfunding safer.



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Empowering projects to raise liquidity in a fair and decentralized manner on the Algorand blockchain.